PR Guidebook: Kylie Jenner Edition

Last week, Kylie Jenner celebrated her birthday early in a black lace bodysuit that showcased her confidence and reminded us why she’s a #Girlboss in more ways than one. In the advent of her official birthday this week, we are rounding up four PR tips inspired by the young makeup mogul.

PR Guidebook: Gigi and Bella Edition

While Kimye and T-Swift #BreakTheInternet hashing out their frequent drama, the models Hadid have a more neutral approach to dealing with the spotlight. While creating your own buzz has its benefits, staying out of the public eye can be helpful as well.

5 things Yeezy taught me

Now that we’ve had over a week to reflect on Kanye’s controversial music video “Famous”, one thing we can’t debate is his ability to get our emotions stirred and create a buzz.

The ides of March

The madness begins with 64 teams and ends with one. There’s no time for words like, “we’ll do better next time,” because there will be no next time.

Broccoli asparagus soup

This week, I took a detour from my regular meal plans to experiment with a broccoli asparagus soup featuring cashews. As I mentioned before, I’m not the most talented individual in the kitchen, so this meal was of interest to me because it was easy and quick. The soup consists of  five ingredients, which are:  broccoli,…

Shredded chicken salad

Lets get it out there, I’m not a good cook. But a girl’s gotta eat!  When I first started meal prepping, I would easily become tired of eating the same food over and over again. I slowly learned that the more fun I had making the food, the more likely I was to eat it.…

My favourite meal

(Photo above: steel oats and chocolate protein powder mixed) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for more than one reason. Putting food in your system as you wake, breaks your fast and sets you up for eating well for the rest of the day. (Photo above: steel oats, chocolate protein powder and…