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PR Guidebook: Gigi and Bella Edition

While Kimye and T-Swift #BreakTheInternet hashing out their frequent drama, the models Hadid have a more neutral approach to dealing with the spotlight. While creating your own buzz has its benefits, staying out of the public eye can be helpful as well.

The ides of March

The madness begins with 64 teams and ends with one. There’s no time for words like, “we’ll do better next time,” because there will be no next time.

Monday Morning Inspiration

Life is short. Don’t be lazy. I stumbled upon this quote while flipping through Sophia Amorous’ book “#GIRLBOSS” and found it appropriate for a monday morning post.Monday mornings are always a challenge for me as it is my last day of work before my two or three days off. My tuesday mornings are spent under my duvet until I can no longer force myself back to asleep anymore.  But that’s enough being lazy, I will start this week off on a better note!