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Travel Journal: Mont Tremblant 2017

Every year at the end of January my boyfriend and his friends go to Blue Mountain to celebrate his birthday. This year we said heck to tradition and went on a road trip six hours north to Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

The ides of March

The madness begins with 64 teams and ends with one. There’s no time for words like, “we’ll do better next time,” because there will be no next time.

House of balloons

Last year I ditched the club for my 23rd birthday and rented a court to play volleyball. Yesterday I  continued the tradition by renting a basketball court to hoop with some of my friends. Playing sports are a great way to reminisce on your younger days, when you could jump a little higher and run…

New Year, New Me

Math and I have never been friends and yet calculations are continuously flowing through my mind. A year from a quarter century. One year from the big 25. Three years past  21. Six years until 30. We are all getting tired of the “new year, new me” mantra,and all the bogus resolutions that go along…

It’s not too late to become a Clippers fan

If you ask me, the NBA season is picking up rather slowly. The Eastern conference is a disappointment as the majority of teams are under 500. And yet, the Toronto Raptors are off the races thanks to players like Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams and Terrance Ross. And yet, the Toronto Raptors are not immune to…


I probably should have bought more books throughout my undergrad career to fill the shelves. I guess  I can start today. 

All white bedroom inspiration

Now that I’m a post-graduate, my room needed a makeover to reflect my new state of mind. You know the optimistic, anything’s possible, the world is yours attitude.