Travel Journal: ​Bermuda is my favourite island, here’s why . . .


Bermuda is one of those places I can visit to reflect and recharge my mind, body, and soul. Of course, everyone is different and you can reflect and recharge anywhere, but walking on pink sand beaches, floating on my back in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or sitting poolside while the sun enriches my melanin from head to toe has a unique way of waking me out of complacency and ready to set new goals.



Besides the beautiful weather and climate that goes along with island life, the more I travel, my appreciation for the people I meet along the way continues to grow. There’s something about the retired women we stay with. They have a refreshing perspective on life that doesn’t consist of careers, money or Instagram. Last year, I started counting down the years until my 30th birthday, but Aunt Mary and the women at Sunny Isles remind me that age ain’t nothing but a number, and life is all about your perspective and attitude. Words that I’ve heard before but get forgotten with the fast-paced North Amercian lifestyle.

IMG_7525Besides everything sounds better drinking a glass of Dark & Stormy underneath the Bermudian sun.




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