Travel Journal: Mont Tremblant 2017

Reminiscing on snowier days.


This week has been a warm one, which means snowboarding season may be over until next year. For now, I’ll just reminisce about my weekend getaway back in January. Every year at the end of January my boyfriend and his friends go to Blue Mountain to celebrate his birthday. This year we said heck to tradition and went on a road trip six hours north to Mont Tremblant in Quebec.


There’s something about being trapped in a moving car, headed forward for miles in one direction that is really therapeutic. Trying to grasp the beauty of the world before it’s all behind you or trying to find beauty in things that aren’t beautiful at all, becomes a one-player game that is interesting only once you have reached your data limit.


For me, the car ride wasn’t long enough, but six hours later and we arrive at our chalet on a mountain apart of the ski resort. The first night we spent watching movies in front of the wood burning fireplace and eating junk food. The next day, after a ten-minute ski lift ride that felt like an intense cryotherapy session, I fell in love with winter. Once I landed on top of the mountain, I witnessed winter in all of its glory; with snow blowing off the ground and into the air, evergreens covered in fluffy snow, icicles hanging off the sides of signages and a frozen lake that could be seen at the bottom. I wish I captured more pictures, but my fingers froze as soon as I took my gloves off. Luckily my boyfriend was experimenting with his GoPro and he managed to capture footage of mostly himself + the breathtaking scenery.


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