5 things Yeezy taught me

Now that we’ve had over a week to reflect on Kanye’s controversial music video “Famous”, one thing we can’t debate is his ability to get our emotions stirred and create a buzz. While the sides are often drastically divided when it comes to Yeezy, the buzz is always there. And while we’re not quite ready to take everything Mr. West says to heart, there is a lot to be learned from Nori’s pops. Check out our key PR takeaways from Yeezy.


Life imitates art or not really?

ICYMI  “Famous” (#NSFW) is a conversation with Vincent Desiderio’s painting “Sleep”. It is easy to say Kanye imitated the painting when really Kanye was able to add creativity to a previous masterpiece. When it comes to events, campaigns or any task at hand, we’re always aiming to out-do ourselves, making sure our next success is better than the last one. One takeaway from Kanye is that instead of thinking of new ideas from scratch, we can build upon pre-existing ones to create a different story or interpretation.

Create your own buzz

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Leading up to the release of his seventh studio album, Kanye got into a Twitter war with Wiz Khalifa over the name of the album, which was supposed to be titled Waves. Kanye’s long Twitter rant to Wiz helped build anticipation for the album that Kanye dubbed as “the album of life”. West went on to premiere The Life of Pablo to a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden. Here #OnTheFourthFloor, we do not suggest starting a Twitter war to create your own buzz, but knowing when and how to draw the right attention to your brand is a major key to success *(DJ Khaled voice)*.

Always work on your craft

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Nothing is perfect, not even for Saint Pablo. Six months after its release and edits are still happening on The Life of Pablo. Fans who listen to the album through streaming services, like Tidal and Apple Music, can witness edits to the name of tracks and even hear tweaks to songs that have previously been released. Sometimes things don’t click right away, but it’s never too late to make revisions!

Mentor the young ones

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Before the release of The Life of Pablo, many people had never heard of 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper Desiigner or Chance the Rapper. Rather than looking over their inexperience, Kanye was inspired by their raw talent and helped put them on the map. Interns are a major part of the PR world and the only way for them to learn is through experience. We’re sure Kanye had to learn that the hard way when he had to push back the release date of the album for Chance the Rapper to finish his verse.

If at first you don’t succeed. . .

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When Kanye and Nike parted ways, many believed that his shoes wouldn’t be the same. In true Kanye form, the designer wasn’t pleased with his level of creative freedom so he decided to move on from the brand. Yeezy found new ground with Adidas and now his designs are arguably better. Life is all about learning: if a campaign doesn’t do as well as planned or create the buzz that was intended, learn from it and knock ’em out the second time around.

Thanks, Kanye!


Originally posted on Onthefourthfloor.com.

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