Travel Journal: The Venice of the East

Bangkok used to be called “the Venice of the East” because of the many canals(khlongs) and the communities that still live on them. Long tail boats provide magical rides down the khlongs and are a remarkable contrast to the frenetic pace of the rest of the city.


IMG_0746 IMG_0775

Depending on where you are in Thailand, the front of the boat will usually be decorated in some way. The garlands at the front of the boat are in honour of the spirits of the water and Mae Yanang  the spiritual goddess of journeys.They provide good luck and protection.




IMG_1092 IMG_0767

Although I did not make it to the floating market, where locals sell food and souvenirs on the water, this one lady was selling food and drinks. After experiencing the Bangkok traffic, I would say travelling the khlongs on a long tail boat is the fastest way to travel!

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