AGO on a Wednesday

The Art Gallery of Ontario, maybe better known as AGO should be on everyones bucket list. Perhaps more than once, on a Wednesday night when general admission is FREE. The AGO has five large floors of art starting with historical pieces and finishing with contemporary pieces on the fifth floor.The following piece is called “Remarkable” by Canadian artist Janice Kerbel. As a Communications and English graduate, I admire Kerbel’s fantastical perspective on newspaper and advertising. The prints were produced digitally using typefaces based on traditional 19thC letterpress, each digital letter treated like an object and set manually into the page.


Kerbel uses media and technology to create

“a space between rationality and imagination, abstraction and representation.”

I also admired Suzy Lake‘s work as she uses photography as a medium to critique  ideals of the body, gender and identity. Lake draws attention to social norms and constraints and aims to diminish the barrier between the viewer and the artwork. The following work is called “Are You Talking to Me?”

IMG_9457This room pretty much sums up my photo library.


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