It’s not too late to become a Clippers fan

If you ask me, the NBA season is picking up rather slowly. The Eastern conference is a disappointment as the majority of teams are under 500. And yet, the Toronto Raptors are off the races thanks to players like Kyle Lowry, Lou Williams and Terrance Ross. And yet, the Toronto Raptors are not immune to the injury plague that seems to be crippling many teams this season. Raptors all-star Demar DeRozan has been out for a groan strain. The Oklahoma City Thunder were off to a slow start as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook spent the majority of the season on the bench. And then there are teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are struggling to find rhythm with a team filled with superstars. The Cavs seem to be out of sync despite Irving’s outstanding shooting.

On the bright side, the Los Angeles Clippers are off to a some-what good start. Here’s a few reasons why it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon:


1. Cliff Paul.  I mean Chris Paul. You gotta admit, Paul’s State Farm commercials make you fall in love with his personality. His personality on the court is admirable as well. He is humble and confident and created Lob City by throwing crazy passes and trusting his ‘big men’ to finish Alley-oops.

2. Blake Griffin. Whenever Griffin stands at the free throw line, the Staples Centre is filled with fans chanting MVP. And rightfully so, Griffin has expanded his game from throwing down monstrous dunks to having a consistent  jump shot.

3. Lob City. Having fun. Clippers truly enjoy throwing down the ball above the net. Thanks to the duo DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. It is common for Jordan to finish a game with all his points being scored from dunks- Lob City style of course.

4. Last but not least Jamal Crawford. He knows how to play his role as the veteran player on the team. Knocking down clutch shots, when the Clippers need him to. Rightfully so, he is the defending sixth man of the year.


I’m not saying the Clippers are the best team in the NBA. However the Clippers are one of the best teams to watch, next to the Golden State Warriors. The matchup between these two teams are one of the best. While many teams are miserably struggling, the Clippers are having fun on the court every night. They remind me of the reasons why I love basketball.

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