Travel Journal: Bermuda

Bermuda is one of those vacation spots I can run to do some soul-searching, relaxing, and self-motivating. The island life can do that to you. Especially when you have a secluded pool and private beach to set the vibe.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

However, with a hurricane creeping up on the island much of our time was spent indoors admiring the pool, or watching the waves engulf the shore. Thanks to the crappy weather, my girlfriend and I spent the majority of our time with older women. Over a couple glasses of Dark and Stormy, we laughed and gossiped about past relationships, careers, and spirituality.


We shared a few disagreements about love and spirituality, but we all agreed that remaining true to oneself throughout the journey of life will be the most successful. This piece of advance is handy, as I’m searching for many things in life at the moment, like a graduate school, a career, and a six pack of abs. Sometimes these goals can conflict with one another, a school wants to me have these credentials but a career requires different credentials and trying to balance time for the gym. But through it all, I will remember to stay true to myself and to be happy as I continue my journey.



Until next time Bermuda …


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