Pinkie promise

If Sean Paul has taught me anything, it is “a promise is a comfort to fool, so cool.” Maybe Sean Paul  wasn’t the first to drop those wise words, but adding them to catchy reggae riddim will definitely stick in my head like glue.

Passed down from my mother, “actions speak louder than words” philosophy has been something i’ve always lived by. Until on vacation in Bermuda, I spent a lot of time with a well-spirited lady, named Gloria, who managed to change my perspective about promises. Gloria strongly believes at the end of the day all a person has is his or her word.Quickly acknowledging my guilt, I consumed Gloria’s advice in which making fewer promises is essential to keeping promises. By breaking promises or making promises that you do not intent to keep defines your character as untrustworthy, weak-minded, ill-hearted, disloyal, unorganized, undependable. Being an avid unintentional promise-breaker, to be associated with such words was disappointing.Good thing Gloria outlined tricks for becoming a promise keeper:

Make promises you can keep – Sounds obvious right! For the past two years I promised myself  that I would have the best beach body ever. With no intentions of changing my eating habits, three double doubles a day habit and expanding my knowledge about fitness, I could not fulfill this promise to myself.

Be specific- Referring back to my beach body aspirations, I did not set weekly or monthly goal to achieve. Nor to describe what I wanted to improve, abs? strength?

Make it your top priority – When making a promise you must commit to it 100% and intent to fulfill it. If not to others, at least to yourself. At the end of the day, your words and actions are one in the same, like J.L Austen says:

to make a promise is just not to say something but to perform an action.

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